Efficiency, readiness and speed, with creativity and technical quality, always through hard and ethical work.

Keep an open and realistic relationship with the client, making him/her aware of the risks and opportunities in the strategies considered for the case.

Understand the realities and needs of the client’s business.

To be always up to date as to the evolution of the law, know the case-law and the latest trends, merging them into the classic concepts that still govern the legal system. Understand the globalized world of business, but also take into account the peculiarities of Brazil and Latin America.

Whenever appointed as an arbitrator, act discreetly and with independence; be always well prepared and know the details of the case; search for the correct solution of the case, in accordance with the facts and the applicable law.

Whenever appointed as a mediator, act according to the state of the art techniques, with impartiality and neutrality, empowering the parties in the search and design of solutions, following the codes of conduct and ethics of renowned institutions, such as Conima.

Sober, reliable, experienced and traditional, but also up to date, bold, creative and different.